What is the Shiras consulting firm?

Shiras is one of the fastest-growing leading consulting firms in Bangalore. It has a strong network of individuals and organizations as its clients to whom they deliver the finest results. Shiras works proficiently towards catering and sustaining high standards of professionalism in the domains of brand communication and human resource acquisition. Established in 2016, they have set a benchmark as a well-known advisory and creative agency committed to building successful and trusted relationships with the clients.

What services does Shiras offer?

The two core ventures of Shiras are Shiras HR Advisory & Services & Shiras Digital Services. Shiras HR Advisory &Services is one of the most reputed talent acquisition firms in Bangalore that has set a benchmark for the quality service it offers. Shiras HR Advisory service provides the right candidate that will add value to your company that helps organizations and corporate firms to connect with suitable candidates to enhance their workforce. It is not only the hiring and the recruitment process that is taken care of, but Shiras also provides guidance to job seekers for sustainable growth in their career. Shiras acts as a connecting platform between companies and suitable job seekers.

Shiras Digital is a high-quality marketing firm that helps businesses and organizations to increase the visibility of their brand making it appear on the top of Google search results by employing effective marketing strategies. Shiras Digital offers a broad spectrum of digital marketing services including SEO, SMM, Website Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, and others helping clients to communicate with their potential customers.

What makes Shiras consultancy firm different from the rest?

Technology, globalization, demographics are shaping the challenges of today’s market scenarios. Shiras helps its clients to overcome any unprecedented disruption and mitigate the risk. It helps companies build their workforce and offer creative solutions that seize any opportunity for success. It constantly design, plan and execute transformative refreshing ideas that see the future and defines the purpose for accelerated growth of the clients.

What kind of clients or industries does it specialize in?

Shiras offers its services to a wide array of clients from various sectors or industries such as retail, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, health care, education, IT, etc. It not only helps its clients from the various sectors to acquire the right candidate but also provides digital solutions to enhance their brand visibility.

Why should a client approach Shiras consulting firm?

Traditional approaches to growth and success are insufficient to meet the new- age challenges of the Industry. Most consulting firms analyze the past to predict the future, but at Shiras they look at the world differently and believe in the future business. As a leading consulting firm they offer innovative, strategic and unique business solutions to understand the needs of the clients. Shiras empowers forward-thinking organizations to navigate disruptive changes of the market and lead them with strategic plans for growth and success Shiras strives to deliver impactful results – by building careers and building businesses.

How does the process work?

As clients get associated with Shiras the process begins by serving the client in a strategic manner that starts from the assessment of client needs and industry demands until the desired goals are achieved. Shiras help organizations in managing the quality recruitment process by providing them the best talent for any industry. It provides pragmatic solutions to the clients and design strategic plans that enhance brand visibility to attract targeted customers. It helps to conduct market research for clients and implement various measures to create brand awareness. Shiras also understands the importance of digital marketing and how it will help the clients in growing their business hence it offers creative digital solutions such as designing the website, social media marketing, search engine optimization, logo designing, content writing, etc for the clients brand. Thus Shiras works with the clients in a 360-degree solution process. For more details to connect with Shiras clients can definitely visit the website.

Does Shiras consultancy firm cater to start-ups and small companies too?

Many top clients from various sectors of the industry such as ISBM, Hinduja Global Solutions, Nissan, etc are connected with Shiras as its clients. But Shiras understands those small companies and start-ups need expert advice and experienced knowledge that can support them in their journey of success. Thus Shiras caters to start-ups and small companies too.

Do professionals work in your firm to guide the clients?

The team of Shiras has the best professionals from the industry that has years of experience and knowledge. They give expert solutions and strategies to the clients that transform every challenge into a success. The team always stay focused on fulfilling the client’s necessities and work with them closely, in order to provide quality service and build a trusted partnership.

How much time the Shiras consulting firm needs to deliver the work to the clients?

Shiras works diligently to fulfill all the requirements of the clients and follows a professional streamlined and customer-driven approach that makes sure every result delivered to clients is timely, efficient and positive.

Will the client’s data remain secure with the Shiras consultancy?

When clients associate with Shiras all their details and information remain confidential. Shiras do not give, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party or won’t use them for any other marketing activities.